Here Lies The Truth

by Synthetic

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An eclectic mix of Classic and Scandinavian metal with a hint of Progressive and some American style grooves


released March 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Synthetic Cambridge, UK

European heavy metal band with various influences creating a unique crush of old and new, traditional and modern, mellow and heavy, melodic and aggressive.

Our debut album 'Here Lies The Truth' is now complete, mixed by Ettore Rigotti of Disarmonia Mundi and featuring Dirk Verbeuren of Soilwork on the song 'Hollow'.
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Track Name: Encore
Track Name: Lie
Time, to leave your fears
And wipe those tears
Give your life a second chance
Break, away from you
The past is through
And learn how to embrace the signs
Free your mind

Lie again
Push what really matters deeply, far away
Miles away
Your silhouette
In my dreams you’re still the only truth

Read, between the lines
Believe your eyes
The answers hide where questions burn
Free your mind

You hear the pain inside my brain
You touch the cold inside my soul
I never felt this way before
I see the clouds inside your heart
Will you decide to stay in the dark?
We belong together
Track Name: Synthetic
Realise, recognise
The systematic fall of basic emotions
Parasite right inside
Rotting away your thoughts
Integrate, validate
A computational assignment of hatred
Pesticide right inside
Diluting your beliefs
Connect, reconnect, disconnect

Welcome to a finite world
A manufactured cell of programmed minds and souls
Welcome to a sacred war
A synthesised reality of brainless swarms

Trying hard to reconcile
Conscience get outta way
All is strange, nothing’s changed
Time is up
Sterilise, ostracise
Cathartic synergy of fading sensations
Stratify, vilify
Divided we fall
Track Name: Hollow (ft. Dirk Verbeuren of Soilwork)
It starts again
Talking to the shadows
Whispering in silence
Hide from the secrets you bury aside
Through the gates of fire
Burn your soul desire
Wipe out the victim you carry inside

You never needed anybody’s help
To spread your wings and fly away
In many cases truth is hard to follow

For every time that you devote yourself to pain
There is a lie to swallow
Though every moment has a colour to retain
Your palette is too hollow

Here comes the fear
Running through your veins
Failing the sense of devotion
None will save you from tearing apart
Trust in your will to survive
Discover the drive to revive
You can regain the power to fight

You never needed anybody’s help
To spread your wings and fly away
With every meaning comes a burning question

Every time you feel betrayed
Remember life is only a game
Don’t be scared, don’t be afraid
Don’t crawl down the path of shame
Track Name: Memories
Watch me in silence I suffer in these ropes
I thought the time had come to synchronise our hopes
I sense the numbness in your head
Detached and frail we’re aching

Emotions fade when you decide to ride the waves of self-delusion
Eternal doom, forever gloom, don’t stay addicted to your confusion

Bleeding memories dripping down my shoulders
They leave a stain in mind and give me orders

Right now
Give up your fears and come back to your senses
Misery has a multi-spectrum of phases
Tomorrow is fantasy and yesterday is fraud
Today is our only chance to for beating the odds
Track Name: Still Cold
Seasons change, yet I’m alone
Sacrifice my soul
Innocence has died but I still stand strong
Egotism devours all the virtues I once loved
No eloquent distinction between right and wrong

Feel the strain that I carry for years in my chest
Fear the rain that is constantly draining me

So push my back against the wall
And question all my wasted yesterdays
I’m just too scared to take control
Of my addictive mental enemies
Push my back against the wall
And question all my wasted yesterdays
Still cold

Frailty of mind, looking to find
Shelter for my freezing cold thoughts

Scream in the dark
Missing the spark

Too scared to take control
It’s safe to live in cold
Still cold
Track Name: Kingdom Circus
Redeem your senses with a final emotion
A never ending nightmare constantly in motion

Inhale the suffering of those born to follow
Release in ecstasy the leaders of tomorrow
Pray to your Gods they’ll show you mercy
Repose, the system you devised will take control of your desires

We walked the extra mile
To leave the truth behind
And now we experience a tragedy and cold inside
Spinning around in circles
Drifting alone, selling your soul
‘Kingdom Circus’
Running around in circles
Living a lie, nowhere to fly
‘Kingdom Circus’

You hear the silence
I hear the sirens
A warning harmony in your narcotic life

Kneel down
Crawling like an outcast on a lingering notion
Crushed, devoured, fading devotion
Striding fast to avoid seeing familiar faces
Scared, reluctant to leave any traces

Track Name: Walk This Line
You saw the demons in my eyes
You acted well all so surprised
But soon you realised
I could control your every breath
I lived amongst your life and death
I read between the lines

All the tears and the fears and the pain that I bleed
Came from you, only you and your insidious deed
I have suffered enough but I planted my seed
I’m on my way now

My lips were sealed my mind was fuming
That war of lies was so consuming
Don’t walk this line it leads to nothing
The secret is to leave with something

Hey once again I’m falling before you
But you fail to see that I desire to penetrate your brain

Save me
Take me
Break me
I can’t control this freaking pain
Track Name: Forgiveness
This is a story of forgiveness
Of the times when I was wrong
Dreams of failure kept me strong
My mind was falling out of reason
Do the desperate die alone?
Making agony their home?

Delve into my sorrow, find all it takes
To conceal the pain, dry out the rain, and make me whole again
Rise again
Dwell in my frustration, make it go away
To relieve the strain, to make me sane, and feel alive again

But nightmares never end

Holding on till the haziness is gone
I feel estranged and disconnected from my early days

This is an ode to unbelievers
For they challenge what is ‘right’
And they dare to see the light

Delve into my sorrow, find all it takes
To conceal the pain, dry out the rain, and make me whole again

There’s nothing to be said
Looking back I miss my sorrow
I’m now alive again
Living in a lie
Track Name: Withering Shadows
Feel the pressure in my chest
Then darkness follows
Tied silently in my chains
In this land of sorrow

Through our darkest times of pain
Living in strain
Going insane
Through your darkest times of pain
I’ll pass you the flame

In my chamber of symbols and idols
Your promises are scribbled on the walls
I watch them fade, I see us fail
A disharmonic prelude to our final play

Frail, in agony I rest
My sadness whispers
Breathe faster than your pulse
As our shadow withers
Track Name: Scream In Your Dreams
Somewhere in the night
There’s an angel that brings the light
Everywhere you look
There is life but you’re not so sure
Breaking away from your helplessness feels too daunting
Silence, filling your emptiness, it’s all so blinding

Synchronising your thoughts with your body movements
Becomes an asphyxiating task
You end up becoming subject to your mental availability
But your spiritual capacity runs out
Faster than you anticipated, a lot faster than you anticipated

Growing old was not so easy, you’ve seen your life walking out the door
Holding on was not so easy you felt your time running out before

Break away from living
Fake another feeling
Hate to see a different path before you
Born to be a winner
Dying a fading sinner
Life a story without happy ending

And now you fly alone, your chance to see the world
A voyage to your deepest sorrow

I feel the pain that you carry for years in your chest
I fear the rain that is constantly draining you

Growing old was not so easy, you’ve seen your life walking out the door
Holding on was not so easy you felt your time running out before

Waking in the middle of the night to greet your nightmares
Suffering in silence till the morning meets your darkness
Scream in your dreams unfallen
Flipping through the pages of your life to find the answers
Staring into nothingness and waiting for the light to hide
Scream in your dreams crestfallen

Voices, noises
Sadness, madness, darkness, nightmares